Month: January 2016

Got An Annoying Friend On Facebook? Maybe You Should Thank Them

“When you opt for the easy road and stay silent on an important issue, like say, Donald Trump vilifying an entire group of people based solely due to their religion, nothing stands in the way of horrible atrocities being committed.

Your silence allows the spread of his nasty hate-filled lies, his fear mongering and misinformation, his bigotry, misogyny and racism. By saying nothing, you allow his message to ring out loud and uncontested from the mouths of people who don’t practice silence or discretion, but do vote. Your lack of participation gives his dangerous dreams a chance to become a reality.”

This is a snippet from my most recent post up on BLUNTMoms, and it’s all about remembering to use one of our most powerful tools: Our voice. Click here to read the rest of the post, and don’t forget to thank your annoying Facebook friends for reminding you how to speak up.


If you squint, Ursula looks a little like The Donald. But unlike Ursula, he does not control your voice. 


Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done

Dear Ovaries,

Brain here, with an important message I’d like to share with you on behalf of the rest of the body.

First, let me say thanks. You really knocked it out of the park with your contributions in regards to the furtherment of the human species. The body and I will never forget your role in how little Baby 1.0 and Baby 2.0 came to be, and will always be indebted to you for jumpstarting this whole process by suddenly declaring, “I Need A Baby!” The message was loud and clear, and you were right. We did need a baby.

Thanks in part to you, we have remedied the problem with a speed and efficiency that would certainly guarantee our success if we lived in the 1800’s, and needed to quickly birth fifteen children to run our rutabaga farm.  (more…)

Adulting: Can I Get Some Adulation?

There’s a buzz word going around lately, and while I generally tend to stay away from buzz words, this one I find kind of catchy.


It has kind of a nice ring to it, no? Urban dictionary confirms it is what you think it is: An adult acting like a grown ass person. I would like to think I’m pretty good at adulting, but even when sitting down to write about it, the fact it keeps autocorrecting to the word adulating, which I had to google to define, makes me feel like a slightly less grown ass person. Also I just convinced myself that by adding salsa to my white flour quesadilla, I was indeed having enough vegetables to be able to eat a cupcake after lunch, guilt-free, which definitely docks a few more points from the gold level adulting badge I’m after. (more…)

Love and Light

I want, more than anything, to teach my kids to choose love. To use the light of intelligence, rather than hide in the shadows of ignorance, to expose hatred. To be accepting and kind. To see past differences in skin color, and religion and gender and race, and to see people as people. Human to human.

Today we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but his message is bigger than one day. We need to honor him everyday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 7.27.13 AM


Image credits: cover, meme belongs to HMDHM


Doctor Dread: Why I Hate Going To The Doctor

How I Want It To Go:

Nurse: Oh hi, Emily! We are so happy to see you again, even though it’s your third visit in a week. We can’t get enough of your smile and your hilarious jokes. Have a seat, and the doctor will be in shortly.

-30 seconds later, a knock at the door-

Dr: Hi Emily. I’m Dr. Clinton. Yes, Dr. Hilary Clinton. You may recognize me from TV because I’m currently running for president, but I’ve found the best way to keep the pulse of the American working class woman is to secretly moonlight as a doctor. (more…)