Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done

Dear Ovaries,

Brain here, with an important message I’d like to share with you on behalf of the rest of the body.

First, let me say thanks. You really knocked it out of the park with your contributions in regards to the furtherment of the human species. The body and I will never forget your role in how little Baby 1.0 and Baby 2.0 came to be, and will always be indebted to you for jumpstarting this whole process by suddenly declaring, “I Need A Baby!” The message was loud and clear, and you were right. We did need a baby.

Thanks in part to you, we have remedied the problem with a speed and efficiency that would certainly guarantee our success if we lived in the 1800’s, and needed to quickly birth fifteen children to run our rutabaga farm.  (more…)

Angry Mom Refrains From Posting Nasty Comment On Article: Life As We Know It Doesn’t Cease To Exist – via MockMom


Do you like satire? Do you like laughing? If so, be sure to check out, where fellow moms write bogus news stories and confuse the crap out of people. IT’S SO FUN! I’m up on there this week poking fun at common problems found on most comment threads circulating through Facebook on any given day. Read on for a sample, and be sure to check out MockMom for a laugh!

An angry mom in Decatur surprised everyone yesterday when she chose not to leave a nasty comment on an article posted to friend’s Facebook feed regarding breastfeeding in public.

Known for her tendency to start every comment with, “That’s just stupid,” Angry Mom has quickly made a name for herself by making it a habit of expressing her disdain for anything and everything related to parenting that shows up on her Facebook feed.

When asked why she chose to practice restraint in this one instance, she shrugged her shoulders and stated dully, “I forgot my phone when I went to take a dump, and then it slipped my mind.”… (To read more click here).

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