Most Popular Posts

America – nay – THE WORLD has spoken, and here is a *probably* updated list of some of my most popular posts at the moment:

1. Dear Ovaries: Thanks, But Your Work Here Is Done. Although I worry my ovaries won’t listen, this post was fun to write. It also ended up being featured on Discover, the new version of Freshly Pressed, Thought Catalog, YourTango and Scary Mommy, which has made The Brain think it is hot shit. The ovaries, however, aren’t all that impressed.

2.. Why I’m Never Getting My Daughter A Pony, because obviously a post I write about horses on my parenting blog would be one of the top performers. Obviously.

3. 10 Things Everyone Googles In Their Third Trimester. To be fair, this probably should have been titled 10 Things I Googled Out Of Desperation To Get This Baby Out Of Me Today, but I think maybe then it would have lost some its appeal. It should also be noted no actual research was done in the writing of this post, nor am I any kind of doctor.

4. “I Need A Baby” and Other Things I Thought I’d Never Say. This was the post that started it all, and also happened to be featured on Freshly Pressed soon after I published it.

5. Milestones, Or Acceptable Ways To Publicly Declare Your Baby Is Superior, but deep down we know that every baby is different, and even the booger eater in the corner could one day grow up to be a famous paleontologist (anyone else been reading A LOT of Skippy Jon Jones?) or a movie star.

6. Pregnancy And The Subsequent Ruining Of The Body. This actually makes me really sad because almost every day, someone stumbles upon my blog by Google searching some form of the question, “Does pregnancy ruin my body?” While there are some things that are never the same, it’s far better than say, becoming a meth addict, or deciding to only eat cheese burgers for the rest of your (abbreviated) life. Probably.

7. What To Expect When You’re Expecting Me To Blog Another Year. This post was when I shared the news that we were expecting Baby 2.0, and while I still haven’t ruled out that it was my own mother who was responsible for it’s unreasonably high viewership, it also made me feel warm and fuzzy to think maybe people who read my blog actually care about me as much as I care about trying to make them care about me.

I hope if you haven’t already seen these, you can check them out!

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