To The Superheroes Who Keep Standing When I Would Fall Down- Latest BLUNTMoms Piece

Our conversation starts normally, with particulars exchanged in moments squeezed between acknowledging, encouraging, and parenting our kids as they ping-pong around the room. Ages of children are offered, current employment statuses discussed, and of course comments about the weather are made because this is what adults talk about (right?).

And then a bomb is dropped: Her kid is sick. Like, really sick.

An instant weight falls upon my shoulders as I hear her talk openly about almost losing a child. A tightness in my heart, squeezing, squeezing, as she discusses an unknown future. I stumble with my words, an apology, a well wish, a heavy silence while my brain spins with horrible Hallmark-worthy phrases to offer up.

And all the while, she remains standing. Shoulders back, head up, strong as hell, she talks about what might come, and she is still standing.

This is an excerpt from my latest post up on BLUNTMoms. It’s both a tribute to the incredible strength found in the everyday woman, and a reminder that we all have the ability to access it when needed. Swing by and check it out if you find yourself in need of a pep talk.

Access the rest of the article here.

Got An Annoying Friend On Facebook? Maybe You Should Thank Them

“When you opt for the easy road and stay silent on an important issue, like say, Donald Trump vilifying an entire group of people based solely due to their religion, nothing stands in the way of horrible atrocities being committed.

Your silence allows the spread of his nasty hate-filled lies, his fear mongering and misinformation, his bigotry, misogyny and racism. By saying nothing, you allow his message to ring out loud and uncontested from the mouths of people who don’t practice silence or discretion, but do vote. Your lack of participation gives his dangerous dreams a chance to become a reality.”

This is a snippet from my most recent post up on BLUNTMoms, and it’s all about remembering to use one of our most powerful tools: Our voice. Click here to read the rest of the post, and don’t forget to thank your annoying Facebook friends for reminding you how to speak up.


If you squint, Ursula looks a little like The Donald. But unlike Ursula, he does not control your voice. 


Learning to Tolerate Christmas: My Latest Post On BLUNTMoms

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you know I recently joined the writing cadre at BLUNTMoms. This is exciting for a lot of reasons, especially because for the first time, maybe ever, I find myself in the company of a whole bunch of quick-witted, passionate, intelligent women who are a lot more sweary than I am. Now I get that might not be everyones cup o’ tea, but for me it feels like home. So look for links to my posts here, and if you like your women sharp and sweary, check them out!

My latest post for them went up yesterday. Swing by and have a chuckle (here) if you, like me, find that Christmas gives you a case of the stress squirts…

christmas lights

Something to aspire to if I ever find myself with so much money, I can afford an electric bill higher than rent for a 3 bedroom in Manhattan. 



Toddlers and Adults: Not So Different After All

Unless you’ve been living with your head in a holiday-safe hole for the last week, I’m guessing you’ve come across the latest round of totally ridiculous drama surrounding the red cups at Starbucks. If not, I’ll sum it up for you: Actual, real-live grown-up adults are complaining about the lack of holiday decorations on the seasonal cups at Starbucks, calling the move “A war on Christianity.” If you, like me, think these people should be treated like the spoiled toddlers they are imitating and put in time out for acting a fool, then you should check out my somewhat sweary response to them that was published by BLUNTMoms yesterday.

Because BLUNTMoms only accepts original, previously unpublished work, you have to follow the link here to see it. I know, clicking that one extra link is like, so hard, but you can do it. Did you do it? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Cheers!