Adults Acting Like Toddlers

Toddlers and Adults: Not So Different After All

Unless you’ve been living with your head in a holiday-safe hole for the last week, I’m guessing you’ve come across the latest round of totally ridiculous drama surrounding the red cups at Starbucks. If not, I’ll sum it up for you: Actual, real-live grown-up adults are complaining about the lack of holiday decorations on the seasonal cups at Starbucks, calling the move “A war on Christianity.” If you, like me, think these people should be treated like the spoiled toddlers they are imitating and put in time out for acting a fool, then you should check out my somewhat sweary response to them that was published by BLUNTMoms yesterday.

Because BLUNTMoms only accepts original, previously unpublished work, you have to follow the link here to see it. I know, clicking that one extra link is like, so hard, but you can do it. Did you do it? Yeah. I didn’t think so. Cheers!