This Is A Judgement-Free Zone


This little booger was sandwiched in between the normal compliments and congratulations found in the comment section of the birth announcement of a friend of mine who had a baby over the weekend. The poor woman hasn’t even been a mother long enough to get baby poop on her couch, and already she’s dealing with this crap.

I try not to be overly sensitive, and do my best to assume people mean well. Who knows why this person felt the need to inquire about how, exactly, this lovely little lady entered the world. But in addition to striking a nerve, this also got me thinking about how, for the last year of blogging, I’ve been pretty silent about any topics that could be considered controversial. This is partly because I try to keep this site light and humorous, and also because my experience has, for the most part, been pretty light and humorous. But I know that’s not how everyone’s journey into parenthood goes, and I want to make it clear that my silence on these issues isn’t based out of judgement, but rather a lack of first hand experience. Having not gone through much of what many of my friends have, I don’t feel qualified to write about it in a way that would do them justice.

But with all of that said, let me make something clear: This site is for everybody. I repeat, everybody. This includes, but is not limited to, people who had c-sections, people who didn’t, people who had miscarriages, people who haven’t, people who went through IVF, people who got pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat, people who fostered or adopted, people who had abortions, people who breastfed, people who bottle fed, people who have a whole van full of kids, people who have one kid, people who stay at home, people who work, and anything and everything in between that has led you to be the parent of one or more small humans. The only thing I care about is you being a good person, and you teaching your small humans to be good people.

This is a judgment-free zone where we can put aside all of our differences, and laugh our way through the magic (or misery, depending on the day).


We will have none of this crap here.

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