The Worst Toy In The World

I can only imagine the conversation went a little something like this:

Fisher: Dude. You know what would be really funny? If we made a toy that kids LOVED but drove parents absolutely crazy.

Price: Duuuuude! That is a great idea. Let’s see, it should be loud…

Fisher: Yes, but instead of bells or whistles, or even an annoying song, I say we really take it to the limit. I’m thinking muted gunshots. Like the L.A. Prison riots, but in a kid-friendly form.

Price: What kid doesn’t love the L.A. Prison riots?

Fisher: And what parent does?!

Price: Bingo!

Fisher: It should be big enough to be dangerous if swung about wildly.

Price: Yes. I’m thinking a cross between medieval weaponry and Candy Land.

Fisher: It should come with stuff in it that looks like candy!

Price: Obviously. Maybe make it perfectly round, small candy so that if the kid ever breaks it, the candy-shaped balls will fly all over the place and give the parents a heart attack because they are DEFINITELY a choking hazard.

Fisher: I like you. You are a risk taker.

pop vac2

And just like that, the corn popper was born. Let me hear it, readers. What’s the worst toy in your world?

Image credits: Cover image, Corn popper.


  1. Oh my god I hate that thing! Gives me a migraine every time Lilly ‘vacuums’ the house with it 😣 I really can’t imagine why I thought buying this thing was ever a good idea.. Sigh


  2. Agh! My Mother-in-law just bought my son one and not only does it drive me crazy but our cats are so terrified they won’t come out from under the bed.


  3. I loved that toy as a kid. Katie didn’t have it. I hate random small things that she gets as prizes and from bday parties. They end up stuck in random bags and just lying all over the house. I end up losing my sanity and creating a bag full of trash and one for donations when it gets out of control. I try to throw most of it away the minute it comes in the house.


    1. Yes, the random small things category is certainly a contender. Not a day goes by I don’t think to myself “I want to throw everything we own away.” But then again, I think this is what they call nesting…


  4. Ha! My aunt gave me one of these when my eldest was a newborn. Apparently it was a revenge gift, for the pain I’d inflicted on her with my own corn popper thirty years earlier. Fisher Price have a lot to answer for, it seems.

    That said, my own pick for ‘worst toy’ is our miniature John Deere tractor that randomly shouts ‘Bale the hay!!’ at any hour of the day or night. That or the dinosaur that eats fish then poops them out while yelling ‘When a dino’s gotta go… a dino’s GOTTA GO!’. It’s a tough call.


    1. Hold the phone… you have a dino toy that eats fish and then poops them out? And it yells? If you didn’t live so damn far away, I’d pay for you to ship it to me! That sounds kind of amazing! I would, however, pass on the possessed farm equipment.

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