Being someone who wholeheartedly fears my daughter ever feeling like she needs makeup or a man to be complete, this comic rings true. If she goes through a princess stage, so be it. Things could certainly be worse than having a little girl who thinks she’s a princess…I think. But here’s to hoping if she does, she at least passes through it and understands she’s beautiful, capable and complete as is.


  1. haha Emily Danielle grew up thinking she was a princess and look at her now!!!! She is the most amazing young lady I know not just becaouse she is my daughter 🙂 I have been teaching little girls for 26 years and they all at one point have thought they were a princess. When teaching I just always try to teach them kindness and they can do whatever they set there mind to do. Like you said there are worse things for sure! Your little sweet girl will be who she is and just embrace all the stages as they are wonderful and go by way to fast!!


    1. That is a good point, Kim. Kindness is key! For me, the problem less about girls thinking they are a princess, and more about finding ways to teach them they are so much more. Dede IS amazing, and I’m sure all of the girls who passed through your doors are the same. Perhaps Fi will go through a princess stage. If she does, I hope she comes out on the other end knowing no matter what her status is, she is smart, wonderful, capable and kind…just like Dede 🙂


      1. Fi will have all those amazing qualities because she has parents who love and adore her and that is the best gift in life you can ever give her.


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