Do Good

There sure seems to be a whole lot of badness out there.

Too much hate. Too much violence. Too many innocent lives lost at the hands of a few evil people. With large-scale global tragedies occurring on a near weekly basis, it’s easy to feel as though bad outweighs the good.

But every day 353,000 little people are born full of goodness.

It is na├»ve to think every single one of these babies will be raised by people who will nurture the good. But, for the sake of not losing my faith in humanity, I’d like to think most will.

I’d like to think that every day, we are given the chance, or 353,000 chances, to do right. To raise children who will grow up and treat others kindly. To teach our children to be accepting and open minded. To show our children that love will always accomplish more than hate.

I’d like to think that every day, 353,000 more people are added to our army of kindness. That 353,000 more drops are added to the bucket of good that grossly outweighs the few bad seeds causing all this heartache.

There is bad out there. But there is an absolute monsoon of good. Do good. Be good. Teach good. Good will prevail.