Pajamas Are The New Skinny Jeans: Join The Revolution!!!

This week I came across a post written by one of my favorite bloggers, Surviving A Sleep Thief, where she made the statement  “pajamas are the new skinny jeans.” I’ve heard people refer to truth ringing, and let me tell you, this set off more bells than Westminster Abby on Easter. I emailed Emily-Jane and proposed we start a revolution. One where we shirk our ill-fitting skinny jeans, and celebrate all that is soft pants.

Forget stuffing your legs into skinny jeans just to have your pants painted with hummus and boogers. It’s time to don the apparel of the average mom, and celebrate it! Embrace it! Love it! Flaunt it! We don’t have stylists and unlimited budgets. But we have soft pants, and by golly, we look damn good in them.

Pajamas are the new skinny jeans, if we make them the new skinny jeans. So join the revolution! Post a #notskinnyjeanselfie of you in your favorite pair of soft pants on my Facebook or Twitter page, and/or on Surviving A Sleep Thief’s Twitter or Facebook page. Share it with your friends! Join us in celebrating being beautiful in any outfit. Join the revolution!


Super cool “Pajamas Are The New Skinny Jeans” logo created by Emily-Jane from Surviving A Sleep Thief (with her actual pajamas!)