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“Finish It” Blog Event Post – Who Am I?

This is a fun post being written to participate in the blogging event called “Finish It” being hosted by Author S B Mazing.

She carefully opened the door, not sure what to expect. It had been a while since she had visited. Nothing was the way she remembered and when her eyes finally got adjusted to the dark, what she saw made her shiver…

The bathroom mirror reflected a face she barely recognized. Her hair, once long and smooth, was frazzled and greasy. Her skin was wrinkled and dull, with a roadmap of lines erupting from the corners of her glassy eyes. “What has happened to me?” she thought to herself as she begrudgingly turned on the unforgiving overhead light.

Just then she heard the sound of rapidly approaching feet, and moments later, fists on the door. The unintelligible screaming of her captor was only slightly muted by the paper-thin, lightweight door of the cheap apartment she was being housed in.  Knowing if enough force was applied, the door would give way, she sighed and begged “Just give me a minute. Just one minute. Please?”

This pleading only served to infuriate her captor more, who responded by letting out a series of guttural shrieks that easily communicated feelings of sheer ire, even though the words were garbled and slurred together. Aware that her time was limited, she quickly stripped off her clothes, paying minimal attention to the unknown streaks and stains that decorated the shoulder of her favorite tee from the 5K she did in college. “College.” She thought as she turned on the shower. “I was so…free…” The thought trailed off as stepped into the cool water. No time to wait for the water to warm up, as it would only be a matter of minutes until her captor discovered the door had been left unlocked.

With expert hands, she quickly washed her hair, and decided, yet again, to skip shaving her legs. She was so tired. Again, she heard pounding coming from the door, but under the stream of steadily heating water, it was even more muffled. “Just one more minute!” she yelled, knowing full well she only had 30 more seconds, tops. Ducking her head back, she breathed in the steamy air and felt a tiny bit of tension leave her weary body. “If only this could last forever. Or for 5 more minutes,” she thought to herself as she stretched her achy neck.

At that second, the door burst open, and the shower curtain was forcefully ripped back.

From the edge of the tub, her captor stared up at her. Bright eyes, and a wide, toothless grin replaced what had been a mask of rage just moments before.

“Okay, okay. You found me. I give up,” she said with a smile.

“Mama!” replied her captor with glee.

“Yes, Baby. I am your mama,” she said as she wrapped herself in a robe, and swooped down to pick up her captor. Glancing back in the mirror briefly, she felt oddly comfortable knowing that even as she morphed into someone different -someone nearly unrecognizable to her previous self- she was perfect in the eyes of this little beast. She turned off the light. “Goodbye, shower. Until next time,” she said, as she quickly shut the door.