The Gift Of Living Simply

This week is my birthday. For those of you in my neck of the woods, a.k.a. ‘Merica, it is also Mother’s Day, so for my husband, it’s a double whammy of gift-giving expectations. While there is a certain appeal to amassing more things, newer things, better things, to replace my other things, there is something I want even more. Something that is free, and easy, and can never be snatched off the counter by tiny toddler hands and thrown in the toilet. It is something I want to give to myself as much as I want it given to me. Above all else, it’s something I want to give to my daughter, so she never forgets what is truly important in life.

I want to live simply.

This idea came to me this weekend while visiting with family. It was the very best of visits, the kind that end with all of us sprawled haphazardly around the couch after the kids are in bed, reminiscing about the past and laughing until tears streamed down our cheeks. This moment of pure joy, this simple pleasure of laughing until it hurt, did more for me than any new gadget or shiny trinket ever could, and in this moment I was grounded.

From this place of clarity I was able to see how much I’ve been missing the small stuff, the simple stuff that fills the hours of my day-to-day. On this trip the birds chirped louder, the sun was warmer, the spring flowers just a titch brighter than they had been previously. Sitting in the sand, the wind whipping through my hair, it was easy to breathe deeply and appreciate everything I have.

I want to live simply.

I don’t want things. I want experiences. I want laughter with friends, and sincerity in my connections. I want to watch as many sunsets with my husband as we have days together, and somehow permanently imprint in the most secure part of my brain what it sounds like when my baby says “Hello, Mommy,” in her tiny morning voice. I want to slow down enough to taste my food, and sip my coffee. I want to see the beauty in the everyday, and to savor the serene darkness of the night. I want to wake up each morning and remember what I already have is enough, because it is more than enough.

I want to live simply.

So starting today, the pressure is off. The only present I want is to be present. Through the good, through the bad, I want to pay attention to the little details, because if you’re looking, those little details sure do paint a pretty picture.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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  1. A beautiful post. Experiences are so much more meaningful and rewarding than possessions, any day. Simple living is exquisite. Enjoy where it leads you. Thanks for sharing, Cheryl


  2. I love this!

    My mother-in-law shows her love with stuff. Lots and lots of little stuff. She didn’t have a lot of money raising three boys by herself, so I think that’s feeding into why her love comes out this way.

    Out of gratitude, my husband and I have tried so. so. hard to find space and use for everything but we just can’t anymore. We have begun to go room by room, clean-sweeping everything and we aren’t going to tell her so she can’t object.

    Already the house feels better and I can’t wait to see what it looks like when we are done!


    1. We’ve moved A LOT over the last 7 years, including two cross-country moves, which has kept our possessions to a minimum. Each time we move, I’m able to get rid of a whole box of stuff that I stubbornly held on to from the last move. With a young kid, it’s pretty incredible how much stuff we have re-aquired (if that’s even a word!). Hopefully we can start to sort through it again and keep possessions light. I feel your struggle, but also can appreciate the levity getting rid of things brings! Good luck!

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  3. What a lovely post! I had a dear friend who used to tell me “I just want to make memories”. She passed a couple years ago, and she did make memories!

    Happy Birthday, and Happy Mother’s Day!


  4. Very Beautiful!!!! It is so true we all need to stop and look around at the beauty before us!! If there is anything I have learned this last year with the loss of 4 very dear people to me from Cancer is that each day is a gift and we need to not make it rush by to get to the next day!!


    1. Thanks, Kim. I’m so sorry to hear of your tough year. Loss certainly does put things in perspective. I hope today is filled with sunshine and flowers for you! And early Happy Mother’s day. xo


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