1. Part of what I learned about parenting came from an unlikely source …
      There is no right answer that “fits” all but I learned the valuable lesson from my backyard friends the Bluejays that our babies are going to squawk & sometimes squawk some more, and if we’re lovingly present our little ones will learn to grow up inside our boundaries. Our mission is to show them how and their’s is to eventually experience the self-pride that comes from learning the necessary skills they need in life from us, even if it makes them squawk. Of course … we may all be a little blue during the process.


      1. A little humor goes a long way, or at least for me. I agree, a little squawking is to be expected, but there’s nothing wrong with highlighting the humor in it all while it’s happening!


  1. That was my brand of humor … regretfully I missed your funny bone. I will tell you that is a true story though — and when I say squawking that is an understatement! Those fledgelings Do Not take lightly to not being fed by their parents anymore. When I read your post and saw the picture, it reminded of the day I watched the Bluejay parents guiding their babies to the bird feeder over and over again (after watching this process … I could understand why they were “blue”)! Those babies were relentless and this went on ALL day until at long last the babies would take seed from the feeder, instead of their parents. I wish I had something more clever to offer, but when you’re learning about parenting from the birds, well … enough said. Keep laughing in your own way! And thank you for allowing me to share a parenting story that made me laugh with you.


    1. Weaning our babe is probably one of my biggest parenting fears! I imagine there will be some major protesting when it comes time. I will think of your bluejay friends and hope I can summon their patience! Thanks for sharing!!


      1. Who knows if they have more patience … maybe they are just are driven to see their commitment to their young ones through like us?? I think having the will to keep trying is one of our crowning achievements as parents.

        I’m impressed with any mom who makes to the weaning stage. After being told by the pediatrician to breast feed every four hours, I was up pacing the floor every two hours until the next feeding — I literally collapsed from exhaustion. I was then told I wasn’t “cut out” for breast feeding and needed to bottle feed. It was sometime later that I learned that other mothers were breast feeding every two hours, which made perfect sense … even my BABY knew that!!
        Thank goodness you’ve been spared the brutal comments about being a LOSER bottle feeding mother! I’ve since adjusted my standards … I think feeding your baby is a banner moment!


      2. People are so harsh! I’m sorry someone made you feel that way. The “village” is an interesting place, but hopefully you were able to surround yourself with people who were more supportive. As far as I’m concerned, you win if you fed your baby at all! Much love, fellow mama.


      3. I believe it’s vital to know that there is no such thing as perfect parenting because we’re all flawed in someway.
        It is interesting however, to learn that most of us who truly desire to be the best parents we can be, fall short (in our minds) in many of the same ways.
        That’s where the humor comes in …
        our ability to laugh at ourselves &
        with each other. Here’s to your bravery and your candid conversations with yourself and others. I think the biggest lie I ever told myself about parenting is that I was going to have perfect children — thank goodness we love them madly anyway! Once I started seeing them for who they are they suddenly became less of a challenge and a lot more fun to parent!

        And “no” (there’s that stinking word again) I didn’t find find a supportive village in regards to giving in to bottle feeding but I did realize at some point
        better that I bottle fed instead of being a limp heap on the floor and until another mother was willing to come care for my baby properly it was best to do what I could rather than what I was “suppose” to do. I still wish I could have got that right for my baby and me …

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