BLUNTMoms Posts

In November of 2015 I joined the the talented, sassy, and savvy women at BLUNTMoms as a cadre writer. Below you can find links to the pieces that have run on their site.

Why Do They Put Women In Movies Anyway?– A humorous look at the not so humorous subject of gender discrimination in the film world.

Dear Annoying People On Facebook: A Word Of Thanks– A quick reminder to use one of your most powerful tools: Your voice!

Outrageous Things To Be Outraged By: 2015 Edition– Five of the LEAST news worth news stories of 2015 that for reasons I will never quite understand outraged people.

And So I Married A Christmas Elf: Tales From a Christmas Hater Turned Holiday Tolerator– I hate(d) Christmas. And then I married a Christmas elf.

Tis The Season For War And Whining: The Great Red Cup Debate of 2015– Remember when Starbucks changed their holiday cups and ruined Christmas? Yeah. That was funny.

An Open Letter To The Internet Bullies– Bullying isn’t a faceless crime, even on the internet.