If You Aren’t Outraged…

Some people think political rants don’t belong on humor pages or mom blogs, but I disagree.

We are living in a time of unprecedented political upheaval, with new developments coming in by the day regarding our new commander in chief’s plans for destroying our country through fear-mongering and hatred.

Being a mother, I am horrified of what the world might look like for my children if this monster is left unchecked. Being a mother, I feel directly responsible for teaching my children that this kind of cruelty, bigotry, and intolerance won’t stand. 

So while I try to keep it light and funny over here, I also need to keep it real. I am furiously, feverishly, and forever opposed to the Trump regime. I will not keep silent, nor can I offer up distraction from the scary changes that are taking place daily in the White House.

My own dad long ago offered up the saying, “If you aren’t outraged, you aren’t paying attention,” and for me those words have never had more meaning.

If you aren’t outraged, kindly leave in peace. I’ve seen enough and heard enough from Trump’s supporters to know you can’t change stupid. But if you are outraged, and you are wondering how to parent in these times, know you aren’t alone.

We will keep up the funny, but we will also keep it real. And when our kids asked up what we did when a dictator tried to take over America, we will tell them we fought like hell to make it right.


  1. PREACH. Fellow mom, fellow blogger, fellow defender of common fucking decency. I’ve been conflicted about blogging about politics too, but damn if I’m not talking about all this shit with my kids on a daily basis anyway. I might as well write it down and share it.

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  2. Your dad spoke the truth, and so should you. Why not? This is your space to share what is important in your life. Your place to share what matters. It is always the right time and place to stand up to hatred, greed, and bigtry.

    Keep singing, sister!

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  3. Love it! You are speaking nothing but the truth. I can not for the life of me understand how people are able to follow and agree with the things he says and does. Too much hatred and intoloernce in this world for me.

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  4. You’re right, Toddler Mama – it’s your blog and your right to be outraged. And it’s your call. But if I could point out that disagreeing with anti-Trump rhetoric doesn’t make a person stupid. Rather that it is that person’s right in a democracy to voice a disagreement. If I was a young mother, I’d be more worried about how debate has been shut down or shouted down or beaten down. And furthermore, if I can remind you, Trump is not a dictator. He can be voted out. Possibly will be. But (thankfully) that’s a right that the voter can still exercise.


    1. I appreciate your thoughtful contribution. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind can support anything Trump is doing. I’d be happy to debate certain things with someone as thoughtful as you, but I don’t know if we’d ever see eye to eye. And you’re right – he’s not a dictator… yet. But I fear we are headed that direction. Thank you for commenting. I mean it. 🙂

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    2. “I’d be more worried about how debate has been shut down or shouted down or beaten down.” I think that is exactly what Trump does, which is what makes so many horrified with him. He is acting like a dictator and people are defending him, and acting like him. When I said I didn’t like things he said and did, a Trump supporter told me I was “embarrassing myself” & a “femi-zombie” that was brainwashed by the media, even though his comments are clear and well documented. He’s the most uncivilized person I’ve witnessed on TV outside of WWE and I think people who are ok with how he acts are as a fact stupid, because it does not make for a healthy society.


      1. I don’t feel comfortable arguing an issue on someone else’s blog. I will only say that even that even if you were willing to read and listen to all sides of the political divide, you are not entitled to call anyone stupid.


  5. Thank you for your authencity, your honesty, and passion! I think that we have for too long as a society not paid attention. The great thing about this election is that people are starting to wake up and pay attention to what is really going on. Our future of our children depends on the decisions that we choose to make or don’t choose to make. I am proud of our citizens for speaking out, standing up, and getting involved. Great post!
    Words to live by: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” -Martin Luther King.

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  6. Man I am so happy to find another Mom blogger who feels this way. I just started, I’m new at all this but damn, I guess I can vent a little too. I’m Canadian, but everything The US does directly affects us due to our extremely close alliance and economic partnerships. When Trump became your POTUS, a chill ran down my spine, especially since I’m a visable minority, it was a little terrifying. But rest assured, I support everything you say here. Would love to collaborate sometime.


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